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Raddest Looks On The Internet


Raddest Looks On The Internet

The beautiful United States of America

As much as I love to see other parts of our world, I also love our own back yard!

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Hope For Some Change

I don’t know if it’s because it is January or what, but I am in a rut. I really need something new in my life. I know first jobs are not glamorous, but I just can’t take how stale mine is right now. I just want to get out and make an impact. I miss the Journey of Hope, being able to travel, meet new people, and work with people with disabilities. I love Charlotte, but sometimes I fear if I held myself back by staying here. I am afraid to leave friends and family behind. But if I never get out and explore this world, will that really benefit me?

Christmas Is Where You Keep It

I always love Christmas, and honestly I get really bummed when it is over. How can I make it a whole year until next Christmas? It is such a joyful time, when even hearing a familiar song, smelling a familiar scent, or seeing the twinkling lights, just warms your heart. 

On my status I posted, ‘Is it possible to make Christmas last longer?’

My friend Wes, had quite possibly the greatest response. I just had to share. 

'Saw your status, it IS possible to make Christmas last longer. The Christian Christmas season can begin with Advent but also extend from December 25th to January 6th, which is known as the Epiphany. This period is popularly known as the Twelve Days of Christmas. So yes, Christmas isn't technically over for another twelve days or so.

But I think with you, Michael, the Christmas spirit lingers for a period of roughly 365 days, it just manifests itself in ways other than wrapped presents under the tree and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. It’s sort of like the Journey of Hope; the trip only lasts two months, but the mission and spirit live on. We’re just lucky enough to experience it in it’s true form once each year.

I think you should disregard the numbered days on the calendar and celebrate Christmas as long as you want.

Merry Christmas!”

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Journey of Hope South 2013

A New Observation: The heart doesn’t break even

Well after a long hiatus, I have a new entry. When you read this, don’t feel concerned for me, I am fine. I was only thinking of this because I was giving advice to a dear friend. 

People wonder why after a break up, it takes so much longer for themselves to recover. Why is it that there ex seems so much happier? Or that they have already moved on and might be in a new relationship. 

Well the heart almost never breaks even. One person will end up with the bigger side, the bigger piece of a broken heart. I like to believe that this is the person who gave all their heart in a relationship. They truly cared about the other person and it seems like they cannot recover. Well it will take more time for that big heart to heal, and when it does it will be even better than before. 

So if you find yourself asking why you can’t move on…or why can’t you just be happy. It’s because you have a big heart, you’re a good person with a lot of love to give. You will find it again some day and that ex of yours, their heart is barely a scrap of turkey left over from Thanksgiving.( side note I love thanksgiving) Just give your BIG heart some time to heal, I promise it will. We all wonder what could of happened if things were different in our past relationships, our what if moments. When we continue to think of those moments, they often cloud things that are better for and maybe right in front of us.